Exhibitions in Ukraine

Postage stamp of Blavatsky's exhibition

The transportable exposition dedicated to life and art of Olena Petrivna Blavatska was created in 2016 by Theosophical association of Ukraine.

First this exhibition was demonstrated in august to Ukrainian society in the museum named after T.Shevchenko located in Kiev.

The new postal stamp was released on the occasion to opening of the exhibition. 
















Public organization "Theosophical society in Ukraine " has prepared an exhibition "Inexhaustible source" which was dedicated to Olena Petrivna Blavatska who was outstanding compatriot, world known author, philosopher, and founder of "Theosophical society in Ukraine ". The exhibition is timed to 130th anniversary since first publication of her famous novel called "Secret Doctrine " and it has been held in Fastiv museum of local art from 14th of march 2019 till 29th of march 2019.

Olena Blavatska had a great impact on cultural life, science, religion and arts. She laid a foundation for developing new picture of the world  based on the principle of the unity of all things, and new way of human relationships based on common brotherhood of humanity. Her novels are translated into all languages of the world. The name Olena petrivna Blavatska became one of the remarkable cultural figures of our country and world wide. Her name is a pride for our nation, and its meaning will be realized even more in the future.

Representatives of the city council, the city community, and the creative intelligentsia made a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, which was held on march 14th, 2019(Saturday) at 2pm in the Fastiv museum of local art by the address 9 Ivan Stupak street, Fastiv.