The Mysterious World of H.P.Blavatsky


From 1848 to 1875, Helena Blavatsky made almost three trips around the world. In London in 1851, Helena first met her Master M., a Rajput, whom she had often seen in her dreams and visions.

As Countess Constance Wachtmeister recalled, Master M. told Helen that he would need her participation in the work he was going to do, and that she would have to spend three years in Tibet to prepare for that work. 


Lhasa, Potala

According to Helena Blavatsky, the Vedas, the sacred books of the Hindus, were compiled on the shores of Lake Manasarovar in Tibet. Lord Buddha himself was born in Kapilavastu, in modern-day Nepal, a kingdom bordering Tibet.

On the third attempt, around 1864, Helena Blavatsky managed to get to Tibet, to the Master's ashram, and spend several years studying there.



Shigatse, Tashilhunpo


Sylvia Cranston provides a number of proofs and testimonies both of Helena Blavatsky's stay in Tibet (in particular, in the Tashilhunpo monastery in Shigatse) and of her perfect knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism. 

Helena Blavatsky, with her Mongolian face type and olive-yellow skin, could well live in Lhasa or another part of Tibet without attracting much attention. 

Helena Blavatsky never said that she traveled alone or on foot, according to her critics. It is possible that she traveled on horseback accompanied by her teachers. Heinrich Harrer in his book "Seven Years in Tibet" reports that a woman rider is not uncommon here. Helena Blavatsky was an excellent rider. 

IX Panchen Lama, in the preface to the publication of the work of Helena Blavatsky's "The Voice of the Silence", noted that she studied for several years in Tashilhunpo and knew well the previous Panchen Lama.



Teachers HPB


Portrait of Mahatma K.H. (H.Schmiechen, 1884 y.)

Portrait of Mahatma M. (H.Schmiechen, 1884 y.)


Drawing of unknown origin "HPB and Mahatmas" 

Mahatma M. (on horseback) in the ashram of Mahatma K.H. Mountain valley in Tibet near Shigatse. Drawing by Djwal Khul (student of M.K.H.) as a gift to HPB.

I was again in Mahatma KH's house. I was sitting in a corner on a mat, and he was walking around the room in his riding suit; and Teacher (M.) was talking to someone…

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Facsimile of Mahatmas letters:



Phenomenal drawings by H.P.B.


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Portrait on silk by John King

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Retro photo of the HPB office



Different photos

Ladakh: Leh, Maitreya Buddha statue. Copyright photo PVG

Sikkim: Tashiding, Padma Sambhava cave. Copyright photo PVG

Photo portrait HPB

Tibet: The Northern Face of Kailash. Copyright photo PVG

India: Ajanta Cave Temple Complex

USA: Vermont, Chittenden, Eddie's Farm

USA: New York, Residence of HPB "Lamaseri"

India: Bombay, Brich Candy, Crow's Nest Bungalow - the first headquarters of TS

England: London, Lansdowne Road, 1890

England: London, Avenue Road, 1890