The origin of monkeys

Occult science claims that man received his origin from a type much higher than himself. And this type is “Heavenly Man”. Pithecoids, orangutans, gorillas and chimpanzees are the offspring of humans (descended to the animality of the Fourth Human Race). And extinct mammals that lived in the Miocene period. The resultants of their crime were the species of apes now known as Anthropoid. Themselves indicated as extinct mammals, in turn, were generated through an earlier unconscious sin of the “Mind deprived” of Races in the middle period of the existence of the Third Race.

The unnatural union was invariably fertile, because the then mammalian types were not remote enough from their Root-type * — Primeval Astral Man — to develop the necessary barrier.

Medical science records such cases of monsters, bred from human and animal parents, even in our own day. The possibility is, therefore, only one of degree, not of fact. Thus it is that Occultism solves one of the strangest problems presented to the consideration of the anthropologist.

The size of the human skull and its brain, as well as the cavities, increase with the individual development of man. His intellect develops and increases with age, while his facial bones and jaws diminish and straighten, thus being more and more spiritualized: whereas with the ape it is the reverse. In its youth the anthropoid is far more intelligent and good-natured, while with age it becomes duller; and, as its skull recedes and seems to diminish as it grows, its facial bones and jaws develop, the brain being finally crushed, and thrown entirely back, to make with every day more room for the animal type. The organ of thought — the brain — recedes and diminishes, entirely conquered and replaced by that of the wild beast — the jaw apparatus.

Thus, as wittily remarked in the French work, a gorilla would have a perfect right to address an Evolutionist, claiming its right of descent from himself. It would say to him, "We, anthropoid apes, form a retrogressive departure from the human type, and therefore our development and evolution are expressed by a transition from a human-like to an animal-like structure of organism; but in what way could you, men, descend from us — how can you form a continuation of our genus? For, to make this possible, your organization would have to differ still more than ours does from the human structure, it would have to approach still closer to that of the beast than ours does; and in such a case justice demands that you should give up to us your place in nature. You are lower than we are, once that you insist on tracing your genealogy from our kind; for the structure of our organization and its development are such that we are unable to generate forms of a higher organization than our own".