The seven Portals

Self-doomed to live through future Kalpas,* unthanked and unperceived by man; wedged as a stone with countless other stones which form the "Guardian Wall" (28), such is thy future if the seventh gate thou passest. Built by the hands of many Masters of Compassion, raised by their tortures, by their blood cemented, it shields mankind, since man is man, protecting it from further and far greater misery and sorrow.

[*Cycles of ages.]

Withal man sees it not, will not perceive it, nor will he heed the word of Wisdom . . . for he knows it not.

But thou hast heard it, thou knowest all, O thou of eager guileless Soul. . . . . and thou must choose. Then hearken yet again.

On Sowan's Path, O Srotâpatti,* thou art secure. Aye, on that Mârga,† where nought but darkness meets the weary pilgrim, where torn by thorns the hands drip blood, the feet are cut by sharp unyielding flints, and Mâra wields his strongest arms — there lies a great reward immediately beyond.

[*Sowan and Srotâpatti are synonymous terms.] [†Mârga — "Path." ]

Calm and unmoved the Pilgrim glideth up the stream that to Nirvâna leads. He knoweth that the more his feet will bleed, the whiter will himself be washed. He knoweth well that after seven short and fleeting births Nirvâna will be his....

Such is the Dhyâna Path, the haven of the Yogi, the blessed goal that Srotâpattis crave.

Not so when he hath crossed and won the Aryahata Path.*

[*From the Sanskrit Arhat or Arhan.]

There Kleśa is destroyed for ever, Tanhâ's roots torn out. But stay, Disciple ... Yet, one word. Canst thou destroy divine compassion? Compassion is no attribute. It is the LAW of laws — eternal Harmony, Alaya's SELF; a shoreless universal essence, the light of everlasting Right, and fitness of all things, the law of love eternal…

Such is the Ârya Path, Path of the Buddhas of perfection.